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Muscat Salsa Rueda

Sometime back in 2013, a group of expats who gather on weekends introduced a dance form which that time was completely unheard of to most expats in Oman. It was Rueda De Casino, a dance form taking much from cuban salsa and danced inside a circle (hence the term ‘rueda’ which is wheel in English).

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Media Mentions

Times Web TV (Oman)

“The World in Harmony” April 2019 Issue

Times of Oman is a daily newspaper published in the Sultanate of Oman. Established in 1975, it is the oldest English-language paper of Oman

FACES Website (Oman)

“Rueda Team Oman” May 2019 Issue

FACES is Oman’s only lifestyle English magazine and website covering travel, beauty, fashion, home, cars, gossip, women, men, celebrity in Muscat

Y Magazine (Oman)

“Rojo Caliente” May 1, 2019 / Issue 566

Y is a free weekly publication that brings its readers quality, thought-provoking, community sensitive views, and raises awareness on boundary scaling issues.

FACES Magazine (Oman)

“Rueda Team Oman” May 2019 Issue

FACES is Oman’s only lifestyle English magazine and website covering travel, beauty, fashion, home, cars, gossip, women, men, celebrity in Muscat

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Absolute Beginners

Class Syllabus:

Basic Salsa Steps – Mambo • Side Breaks (Rhumba) • Diagonal (Cumbia) • Front Mambo • Cross Body Lead • Turns • Shines • Footwork


Class Syllabus:

Salsa Sequence featuring easy to follow steps


Absolute Beginners

Class Syllabus:

Para Medio • Para Arriba • Un Taro • Un Taro y No La Suelte • Taro Con La Mano • Dile Que No • Dame • Dame Dos • Dos Con Dos • Enchufla • Adios • Cucaracha • Mata Lo • Fuma Lo • Foto • Echeverria • Pa Ti Pa Mi • La Cintura • Camina


Class Syllabus:

Enchufla Doble • Enchufla ComplicadoEnchufla ExhibelaEnchufla Con ClaveDame Coca ColaEnchufla Coca ColaEnchufla Casate • Enchufla Con Sacala, Con Puente • Festival De Pelotas • Inicial • Cinco • Enchufla El MedioCeroOtsoPatinPatin DobleAdios Las HermanasAdios La FamillaVacila • Vacila Con Dame Una • Vacila Con ManoVacila Con SombreroSombreroSombrero Complicado • Sombrero Con Mambo • Siete


Class Syllabus:

BalseroBayamo • Setenta  • Setenta y UnoSetenta y DosSetenta Complicado • Setenta Nuevo • Montana • El Uno • El Dos • Evelyn • Kentucky • Kandero • Cortico • Cadena • Complicate • Se Fue • El Dedo • Dedo Guarapo y Bota • AbrazalaMontana • Siete Con Coca Cola • Treinta y TresPulpo



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Muscat Salsa Rueda adds the spice I need to my week! Allan is an inspiring and dedicated teacher whose energy unites the group. Not only are the weekly classes great fun, but he is dedicated to creating a group of great dancers and, more importantly, great friends. Even when I’m rushed off my feet, I make sure to squeeze in the class and I always leave with a smile.

Hannah, England

Mabuhay! At mainit na pagbati sa lahat. Masaya ako na naging bahagi ako ng Muscat Salsa Rueda, sa loob ng pitong buwan. Naging daan ito upang makilala ko ang maraming tao na kalaunan ay naging malapit na mga kaibigan. Tuwing biyernes, nagtitipon ang grupo ng mga salsero sa Route66 upang isagawa ang Rueda De Casino; isang sayaw na ginagawa sa loob ng isang circulo. Nagkakaroon din ng mga buwanang pagtitipon sa tahanan ng ilang kasapi upang magsalo salo at magdiwang. Sa kabuuan, isang malaking bahagi ng buhay OFW ko ang Muscat Salsa Rueda.

Yasser Zeta, Philippines


We want to hear from you and find out how Rueda De Casino has touched your life or how it has inspired you since the day you started dancing this dance form.


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